Timely Traveler Tip – Be Flexible When Traveling

We always remind our travelers to be flexible when traveling. There is a tendency to want to plan out every day and minute of trip.  We recommend pre-booking your must see tours, meals & excursions, but leave some time to “explore the unknown”. There is a chance that you’ll get to your destination and realize that you no longer feel like going on the exhilarating group hike on the 3rd day of your trip, or that snorkeling tour doesn’t sound as appealing.  It’s usually tough to cancel a tour or excursion within 24-48 hours of departure, so no need to overbook if not necessary.
Exploring Local Shops
Exploring Local Shops
We say book the “must see” tours and excursions, but leave some room to navigate and explore on your own as well. We’ve had the best times traveling by exploring some areas on our own and/or learning of intriguing options from locals. As always, feel free to contact us if you need any help planning your next getaway!

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